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Long Distance Moving



If you're looking for reputable long distance moving companies who can move your belongings reliably and safely then you've come to the right place. A move is considered long distance if you cross from one state line to another, or many on the way to your new home. This also includes traveling to another city within your state but crossing your state line briefly because the route chosen is projected to be shorter than other options (this commonly happens in states with uneven state lines including Texas, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and many of the states across the South and Northeast).

Long Distance Moving Costs

You can expect a long distance move to cost more than a local move. So, consider all of the variables for your move that go into a moving quote when comparing referrals. A company that has the lowest quote may not be the best deal for your move, if for instance, you need help packing your belongings, which isn't included with that estimate. Some companies charge for additional services beyond the basics that will ultimately cost more than another company with a higher flat-rate. For this reason, we suggest asking for a binding moving estimate from the company of your choice. A binding estimate will list out all expected costs and provide a guarantee that no hidden costs will be added on. Many of our customers planning for long distance moves ask similar, common questions. Can I pack my belongings and then fly out before the movers arrive, trusting them to transport my belongings to my new home? Does it make more sense to rent a truck, pack it and then drive it on my own?

"Everything was excellent!! From start to finish, my initial contact thru the crew leaving, I received great service & all parties displayed professionalism. I've used moving companies before and this has been my best experience to date."



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